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    The appliance has not made a connection with the Charging Dock.
    Be sure that the appliance’s Charging Contacts have made a connection with the Charging Dock Pins. You may move the appliance manually to make the connection if necessary.
    The battery is completely discharged.
    Reactivate the battery. Place the appliance on the Charging Dock by hand. Remove after charging for 3 minutes. Repeat 3 times then charge normally.
    The Charging Dock is unplugged while the appliance is powered ON. The appliance deactivates after a few minutes.
    Plug in the Charging Dock and ensure the appliance is activated. Keep the appliance on the Charging Dock to make sure it has full battery to work at any time.



    The appliance is entangled with something on the floor (e.g. electrical cords, drooping curtains, area rug fringe etc.)
    The appliance will try various ways to get itself out of the obstacle. If unsuccessful, manually remove the obstacles and restart.
    The Main Roller Brush, Driving Wheel, Universal Wheel and/or Side Brushes are entangled with dirt, hair or fibres.
    Clean the brushes after every use. Use the Multi-function Cleaning Tool to cut off and remove any fibres or hair tangled on the brushes.



    When the battery power is low, the appliance automatically switches to Return to Charger Mode and returns to the Charging Dock.
    This is normal.
    Working time varies according to floor surface type, room complexity and selected Cleaning Mode.
    This is normal.



    The appliance is not activated.
    Press the Auto Clean / Power Button for a few seconds until the Light Indicator emits a blinking blue light.
    The appliance’s battery is low.
    Keep the appliance activated and on the Charging Dock to make sure it has full battery to work at any time.
    The appliance’s suction intake is blocked and/or its components are tangled with debris.
    Power OFF the appliance. Clean the Dust Bin and invert the appliance. Clean the suction intake and brushes as described in Maintenance section of manual.
    The time on the Remote Control was not synched with the time on the appliance.
    Make sure the appliance is activated and the Remote Controller is facing the appliance when setting the time.



    The battery of the Remote Controller needs to be replaced.
    Replace with new batteries making sure they are installed correctly.
    The appliance is deactivated (no light on Light Indicator) or the battery is low.
    Make sure the appliance is activated and fully charged.
    The infrared signal cannot be transmitted because the infrared emitter on the Remote Controller or infrared receiver on the appliance is dirty.
    Use a clean dry cloth to wipe the infrared emitter on the Remote Controller and infrared receiver on the appliance.
    There is another equipment interfering with the infrared signal.
    Avoid using the Remote controller near other equipment using infrared signals.



    The Cleaning Dock has obstacles or reflective surfaces around it.
    Keep immediate area (2 meters in front and 1 meter on both sides) of the charger clear of objects, obstacles and reflective surfaces.
    The Charging Dock is positioned against a dark wall, hallow area, glass wall and/or positioned next to dark or reflective furnitures.
    Position the Charging Dock on a level floor surface against a solid and sturdy wall away from any furnitures or obstacles.



    The appliance covered a very large area and completely emptied its battery before arriving to the dock.
    Clean small areas at one time. Close doors to other rooms to ensure the appliance has enough power to return to the dock.
    The appliance cannot detect the location of the Charging Dock.
    Keep immediate area (2 meters in front and 1 meter on both sides) of the charger clear of objects, obstacles and reflective surfaces.



    The battery pins got disconnected.
    Invert the appliance. Remove the Battery Cover and connect the corresponding positive and negative fasteners on the battery.



    The dust bin is full.
    Empty the dust bin completely and use the multi-cleaning brush to remove any remaining dirt and dust.
    The filters / dust bin got wet.
    Please note that we do not recommend washing the HEPA filter as the filter and robot vacuum can get damaged and this voids the warranty. If this happens, dry the HEPA filter / bin completely under the sun before installing it back to the device. Instead of washing, kindly use the multi-cleaning brush to remove any dirt and dust.